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Scottish History
The Wars of Independence -Who, What, When and Why   What happened next - What happened after Bannockburn?.   Braveheart - Fact or Fiction  
Dalriada - History of Settlement   Scotland c.1000-1200: The Shire, the Thane, the Sheriff and the Sheriffdom  
Were the Highlands unstable 1660-1700?   The Highland Clearances - the patterns of clearance   The decline of Scots Gaelic since the sixteenth century  
The Union of the Crowns - changes in government   The Foundation of the College of Justice  
Scottish Arms and Armour   Mac vs Mc a myth debunked   History Links  
The Wars of Independence - Chronology   What happened next - Summary  
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Music & Video
Battlefield Band   Capercaillie   Ceolbeg   Dougie MacLean  
Proclaimers   Silly Wizard   Tannahill Weavers   Wolfstone  
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Scottish History Reading List   Wars Of Independence Reading List  
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