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The Struggle For Independence (1286-1329)

Ewan J. Innes, MA(Hons Scot. Hist.) FSA Scot


Synopsis:  This is a chronology of the period between 1286 and 1332

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1286 Death of Alexander III

1289 Treaty of Salisbury

1290 Death of Queen Margaret (Maid Of Norway). Treaty of Brigham. Edward I to choose successor

1292 Balliol crowned

1293 Edward repudiates promises. Scotland becomes a vassal state.

1294 Edward asks for Scots to fight in France, Balliol refuses.

1295 Scots sign treaty with France, Bruce's Grandfather dies. Balliol confiscates Bruce lands.

1296 Outbreak of war. Invasion of Scotland, Sack of Berwick. Abdication of Balliol.

1297 Insurrection, Battle of Stirling Bridge, Wallace and Moray Guardians.

1298 Battle of Falkirk. Bruce holds Ayr, Bruce and Comyn Guardians.

1299 Lamberton added to Bruce and Comyn.

1300 English Invasion.

1301 English Invasion. Bruce no longer guardian. Truce for a year.

1302 Bruce Capitulates.

1304 Death of Robert de Bruce. Surrender of Comyn.

1305 New Government for Scotland. Execution of Wallace.

1306 Death of Comyn. Coronation of Bruce. Battle of Methven. Capture of Kildrummie castle and Bruce's Wife and Daughter.

1307 Landing at Turnberry. War in South West. Battle of Glentrool. Battle of Loudon Hill. Death of Edward I. Rising in Moray. Bruce goes North. Battle of Inverurie.

1308 Reconquest of North East. Truce with far North. Reconquest of West Highlands.The far north comes in. Edward Bruce and James Douglas in South West.

1309 St. Andrews Parliament. Peace negotiations. Scotland clear to the Tay. Truce.

1310 English Invasion. Surrender of Dundee castle.

1311 Invasion ended. Invasion of England.

1312 Ayr Parliament. Invasion of England. First attempt to recapture South East-fails.

1313 Parliament of Inverness. Capture of Perth. Scotland clear to the Forth. Reconquest of South West and Isle of Man. Truce bought by North of England. Reconquest of South East. Surrender of Linlithgow.

1314 Reconquest of South East continues. Roxburgh and Edinburgh castles captured. Battle of Bannockburn. Scotland all clear but Berwick.

1315 Parliament of Ayr. Act of Succession. Marriage of Princess Marjorie. Irish Expedition. Invasion of England.

1316 Attack on Berwick. Death of Marjorie. Coronation of Edward Bruce. Invasion of England. Second Irish Expedition.

1317 Irish war. Dispute with the Pope.

1318 Capture of Berwick. Invasion of England. Death of Edward Bruce. Edward II enlists Pope.

1319 Siege of Berwick. Invasion of England. Battle of Mytton. Truce.

1320 Pope's summons to peace. Declaration of Arbroath. Pope excommunicates Robert I. Soulis conspiracy. Negotiations for peace.

1321 Peace negotiations drag on.

1322 Invasion of England. Scotland invaded in force. Invasion of England. Battle of Biland.

1323 Harclay attempts peace. Official negotiations. 13 year truce.Randolph deals with Pope.

1324 Prince David born. Peace negotiations.

1325 Parliament of Scone.

1326 Death of Walter Stewart. Treaty of Corbeil.

1327 Abdication of Edward II. Truce broken. Invasion of England. Weardale campaign. Another invasion of England. Overtures for Peace. Queen dies.

1328 Treaty of Northampton. Marriage of Prince David. Peace with Pope. Death of Lamberton.

1329 Death of King Robert I.

1330 Death of Douglas.

1332 Death of Randolph. Beginning of fresh war.