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  Scottish History Reading list  
  Wars of Independence Reading List  
Scottish History 1286-1513
  The Wars of Independence -Who, What, When and Why  
  What happened next - What happened after Bannockburn?.  
  Braveheart - Fact or Fiction  
  Dalriada - History of Settlement  
  Scotland c.1000-1200: The Shire, the Thane, the Sheriff and the Sheriffdom  
The Highlands
  Were the Highlands unstable 1660-1700?  
  The Highland Clearances - the patterns of clearance  
  The decline of Scots Gaelic since the sixteenth century  
  The Union of the Crowns - changes in government  
Scots Law
  The Foundation of the College of Justice  
  Scottish Arms and Armour  
  Mac vs Mc a myth debunked  
History Links

History Links

The Scottish National Archives Network. - Access the Scottish National Archives from this website.

The Heraldry Society of Scotland. - Founded in 1977 to promote the study of heraldry.

DISPATCH - Scottish Military History and Regiments Journal - Information on military history and Scottish Regiments

Military History - The bi-monthly Magazine

History of Scotland - A history project from Fortrose Academy

Visit the National Museums of Scotland for a virtual tour

Historic Scotland

Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments

The Book of Deer

Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe Series - It isn't Scottish but it's great!

Edinburgh University Library Catalogue

Copac - The merged online library catalogues of the Universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield and Warwick, and of Imperial College, London, University College London, and Trinity College Dublin.