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  Scottish History Reading list  
  Wars of Independence Reading List  
Scottish History 1286-1513
  The Wars of Independence -Who, What, When and Why  
  What happened next - What happened after Bannockburn?.  
  Braveheart - Fact or Fiction  
  Dalriada - History of Settlement  
  Scotland c.1000-1200: The Shire, the Thane, the Sheriff and the Sheriffdom  
The Highlands
  Were the Highlands unstable 1660-1700?  
  The Highland Clearances - the patterns of clearance  
  The decline of Scots Gaelic since the sixteenth century  
  The Union of the Crowns - changes in government  
Scots Law
  The Foundation of the College of Justice  
  Scottish Arms and Armour  
  Mac vs Mc a myth debunked  
History Links
  Scottish History Reading List
    This reading list identifies some of the important works on Scottish history. I have arranged them by period rather than subject (except for the Wars of Independence). Where books are in print, I have included links to Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble should you wish to purchase them directly.
Medieval (1200-1500)
GWS Barrow
Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm
JM Brown (ed)
Scottish Society in the fifteenth century
Robert Bruce & the Community of the Realm Amazon.com No Image  
Barnes & Noble.com  
J Dowden
The medieval church in Scotland
AAM Duncan
James I king of Scots 1424-1437
No Image   No Image  
R Fawcett
Scottish Medieval Churches
R Frame
The political development of the British Isles
Scottish Medieval Churches Amazon.com The Political Development of the British Isles  
Barnes & Noble.com Barnes & Noble.com
Amazon.co.uk Amazon.co.uk
N MacDougall
James III
N MacDougal
James IV
No Image   James IV Amazon.com
  Barnes & Noble.com
LJ MacFarlane
William Elphinstone and the kingdom of Scotland 1431-1514
C McGladddery
James II
No Image   No Image  
N Reid
Scotland in the reign of Alexander III 1249-1286
Walter Bower, ed. D.E.R. Watt (Aberdeen 1987-)
No Image   Scotichronicon  
Economy and Society
S Cruden
The Scottish Castle
RA Dodgshon
Land and society in early Scotland
No Image   No Image  
E Ewan
Townlife in fourteenth century Scotland
M Lynch, M Spearman & G Stell (eds)
The Scottish medieval town
No Image   No Image  
Barnes & Noble.com  
L MacLean (ed)
The middle ages in the Highlands
GWS Barrow
Scotland and Its Neighbours in the Middle Ages
No Image   No Image  
  Barnes & Noble.com